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GPS solves problems with solutions that suit customers’ specific requirements.


IS Machine Audits

Is more possible? A thorough assessment of IS machines is carried out.

  • What works?
  • What will achieve results?

Improve the efficiency of your production facility!


24/7 Support

  • Downtime can be reduced
  • Our highly skilled technicians are always available to carry out repairs
  • We deliver replacement parts. Quickly and reliably.

The amount of support time you need is governed through service contracts. You decide how much backup you need.



Sustainable business means: to remain engaged.

GPS delivers service over the entire lifetime.

  • participates in your TPM process with competent consultation and proactive support.
  • ensures the efficiency of your equipment and reduces your operating costs – sustainably.



IS machines are designed for long service lives.

Nobody misses out on the latest technological developments.

  • New components can be retrofitted and added into the production line.
  • Complete overhaul brings your equipment up to date.

With this, your production facility remains competitive.