Essen SGO 1-1 IS Maschine GPS 1062

Skilled for glass production:
specialist training for operators of glass production machinery.



  • improved safety
  • improved efficiency
  • faster results.


An investment that pays back.

GPS offers customer specific training for machine operators.

GPS continuously develops glass production machinery. This includes our IS machines as well as all related components from feeder to pusher. GPS engineers in Essen, have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the process of manufacturing container glass more efficient, more robust, more reliable and more precise.

For the latest knowledge to be put into practice, every operator has to have the most up to date know-how. Only then is it possible to fully take advantage of the potential your equipment offers.

In the GPS Competence Centre in Essen, specialists train operators how to utilise the capabilities of their machines.

Practical, understandable and comprehensive.

For long-term success – and more fun at work.